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HP is one of the leading brand manufacturer of computers, laptops, printers, camera, phones and tablets, full for is HP is Hewlett Packard. Here we are telling you “how to get HP printer support & help?” if you are facing problem with HP printer you need to visit www.hp.com/support printers. Hp manufactures two kind of printers USB and wireless printers, USB printer will connect with the help of cable but for wireless printer you need working network and that will work without wire.  HP will provide you 24*7 support without any problem, you need to call HP technical support toll-free number to get connect with HP printer helpline by just dialing 1-877-635-5707 Toll-Free number.

How to install HP USB and Wireless printers and get support by visiting www.hp.com/support printers?


  1. How to install HP USB printer – When you purchase new HP printer it should come with driver CD and USB cable, you need to connect HP printer to computer with the help of USB cable. You need to insert driver disc to initiate the setup of HP printer then you need to follow the instructions on your computer screen. If you do not have driver disc you need download drivers from direct HP website or get help from HP printer support www.hp.com support printers.This will also help you in installing HP printer without disc.
  2. How to install HP Wireless printer – When you unpack the printer box you will see HP printer driver disc with your printer, first you need to insert ink cartridges and turn on the printer. In printer manual you will get instructions how to connect your printer with your WIFI router. Once your printer connected with wireless router you need to insert HP printer driver disc and select “install wireless printer”, if you don not have driver CD then download the drivers from HP website. Here you get “how to install HP printer without disc?”.

Some common problems and solutions with HP printer.


  1. HP Printer showing offline – While try to print and HP printer showing offline first you need to check printer connectivity and make sure your printer is ON. If everything is fine you need to go to printer properties and uncheck “printer offline” option.
  2. Computer sending printouts to wrong printer – Whet you try to take printouts its going to wrong printer, to fix this problem you need to go printer settings and change your default printer. Print automatically goes to default printer, when you select HP printer as default printer that will work.
  3. Prints are too light, spotty or have horizontal lines- You may have a clogged print head, a retardant that may occur if you employ associate inkjet printer sometimes. Your printer’s computer program will clean out the dried ink, and print a check page for scrutiny. The piecemeal directions on the way to do that vary by printer. From the Windows seven begin menu, click Devices and Printers or panel, and appearance for your printer’s utility app.