How to protect your Facebook account from hackers?

protect your Facebook account

Protect your Facebook account

Facebook is social platform to connect with worldwide users, if you are using Facebook account biggest question is how to protect Facebook account from hackers? On daily basis we upload our pictures, videos and articles on Facebook, in this post we will help you to protect your Facebook account. Here are the steps below.

Login alerts:- Open your Facebook account go to settings select security enable login alerts, this will send you email and notification while your Facebook account open on any browser or new device. This will help you to monitor your Facebook account, if you found any unusual login change your password and backup information.

 login alerts


Add trusted contact:- Go to Facebook settings edit trusted contacts choose trusted contact and save, this option will help you when your account is used by someone else and you want is return back. You can reset your Facebook password with help of trusted contact.

 trusted contact


Check where you’re Logged In: – Open Facebook settings and expand where you were logged in, here you can see all the browser and devices from where your account opened.

Change privacy settings: – Go to privacy Tab and select who can see your posts, photos and who can contact you.

Timeline and Tagging Settings: – In timeline and tagging settings you can select who can post on your timeline and who can Tag you in photos and posts.

Manage Blocking: – In blocking option you can block annoyed users and also block messages from them.

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