How to avoid Microsoft tech support scam?

tech support scam

Tech Support Scam

Tech support scam is much known scam in USA and other countries, on daily basis we receive calls from various support companies executives who pretend themselves as Microsoft employee but Microsoft will never call any one to fix computers. If you receive any call stated that there is problem with your computer follow the below steps to avoid Microsoft tech support scam.

  1. Collect the necessary information: – When you receive call regarding your computer, email or any other device first ask the executive name, company name address and phone number. Once you got all the information visit and type the company name in search box and click on search button, if the company showing in the results then cross check address and phone number would be the same which caller gave you. Then if company verified talk to them else hung up the call.

If mistakenly you gave control of your computer or laptop to them then follow below instructions.

  1. Monitor each and every thing: – Once they got control your computer or laptop you have to carefully monitor all the activities on your computer screen, if you see some unusual activity or they asking for money to fix your computer press the power button for approx. 30 sec. which make your computer shutdown.
  2. Start computer in safe mode: – Turn on your computer and same time tap the F8 button continuously then you see advance boot options you need to select safe mode with networking then press enter. Once you login to computer and able to see all the icons the closely check notification area in bottom right where you can find clock, if there is any unknown icon right click on it and press close or quit.
  3. Check for unwanted applications: – Go to add remove programs by opening run box by pressing windows logo key on keyboard along with the letter R then type there appwiz.cpl press ok. It will open add remove programs on your computer , check for today’s date if any application showing installed and you don’t have any information about it then select that application and right click on it with mouse and press uninstall and follow the instructions to remove it.
  4. Scan your computer with antivirus: – Open antivirus program in your computer and scan your whole computer to check if they send any infection to your computer. If you don’t have any antivirus you can install Microsoft Security Essentials software which is free of cost for Windows users, here is the link for same
  5. Change your passwords: – If mistakenly you gave them your credit/debit card or bank detail call your bank and block your cards. Change your computer and emails passwords, if you are using Windows 8 or windows 10 you have to change your Microsoft account password which link to your machine.

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