How to speed up your slow computer or laptop?

speed up your slow computer

Here you can find solution to speed up your slow computer, It doesn’t matter your computer is new or old computer speed will remain same, computer speed is also depend on applications, software’s and free space available on your computer hard drive. To make your computer fast we suggest you to create multiple partitions on your computer hard drive like one partition for windows system files, second partition for your official data and third partition for Images, movies and songs. In this article we gave you steps to do a service or tune up your computer by follow below steps to speed up your slow computer.

  1. Deletion of Junk Files: – Junk files also known as temporary files, these files create automatically while you installing, using any software or browsing internet on your computer or laptop. To remove junk files press windows button on your keyboard along with letter “R”, it will open run box in front of you in that box you have to type %temp% then press enter after that select all the files in new open window and delete them, again open the same box and type temp and press enter and delete all the files this will help you to speed up your slow computer.
  2. Remove unwanted applications: – While we installing application on our computer which downloaded from internet, we installed some unwanted software as well because that includes in installer. To remove those applications go to add remove program and check in any unknown application there and remove that. Before uninstalling that application check on Google is that require for your computer or you can check with your computer expert as well do this task and speed up your slow computer.
  3. Browser optimization: – Remove history, cache memory for your browser and disable all the unwanted extensions this will increase your browsing speed as well.
  4. Event log review :– Open run box and type eventvwr and press enter it will open event viewer in front of you, here you can see logs about your computer health, review those logs and do a required action if any critical error there and then remove all the logs.
  5. Run disk cleanup: – To run disk cleanup you have to open run box and type cleanmgr then press enter, now you can see disk cleanup press ok and wait to complete scan hen select all the options in that box and again press ok.
  6. Disk De fragmentation: – open run box and type exe press ok and select the partition which you want to defrag then press on defragment disk.
  7. Antivirus Scan: – Once you complete all the tasks scan your computer with Antivirus program.

Do these steps on regular intervals to speed up your slow computer.


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