Pop up virus removal help.

pop up virus

Now a days there are lots of scammers who sending fake pop up virus message to computer users and force them to call on particular phone number. Once you call on that number caller will pretend from the Microsoft or Mac, but they don’t have any association with any brand. Caller ask you to take control of your computer and show you errors warnings and viruses in your computer, which all are fake and then ask you pay $$$ to fix your computer. Kindly do not give them any information that will harmful for you, below article we will tell you how to remove fake pop up virus message.

    1. Using Internet explorer: – If you are using Internet explorer restart your computer and message will disappear itself, if it’s not then end task your browser and reopen it after resetting all browser settings. After that scan your computer with antivirus program if you don’t have any antivirus you can buy antivirus online.
    2. On Firefox: – Do the same steps as for Internet explorer.
    3. For Safari browser :- On safari browser it’s hard to remove that pop up virus message, try to remove pop up virus by restarting your computer if it not works then force quit your safari browser and clean all the previous history by resetting your browser then re-open it and enjoy browsing.
    4. Microsoft edge browser: – For Microsoft edge browser you have to end task the browser then clean the history and reopen it after that scan your computer with antivirus program. To know how to remove edge browser history without opening it click here.

This article will help you to remove pop up virus


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